When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2174 (2024)

The next day, morning.

Easy home.

Maggie looked at the table full of rich breakfast, and asked her mother, Maxine Emond: “Mom, what’s

the special day today? During the New Year’s Eve in our family, the breakfast was not so rich!”

Maxine: “They signed a labor contract yesterday, and Travis sent your dad’s salary early this morning.”

Maggie looked at her father in shock.

Such a big thing, her parents didn’t tell her in advance.

Maxine: “Maggie, do you know how much your dad took this time? You can’t imagine it. It’s ten times

more than what he took from Margaret Gomez before. I asked an agent to see the house, and our

family is about to change to a bigger house!”

“Dad, why are you working for Travis? Travis is a pervert. Last time his scandal broke, didn’t you scold

him too? Did you forget it?” Maggie was afraid that her father would get into trouble with someone she

shouldn’t, so she was particularly opposed to her father working for Travis.

“Maggie, I asked your father to do this. Whose money is not earning? It’s not just your father who does

things for Travis! All of your father’s former colleagues signed contracts with Travis…” Maxine raised

her voice a few degrees and answered her daughter.

“Mom, what others do has nothing to do with our family. If Dad can’t fulfill Travis’s request, what will be

the consequences? Don’t you consider this issue? If my dad and his colleagues can develop a

resurrection technique, why work for Travis? Wouldn’t it be possible to make more money by going

directly to the world’s richest man to invest?” Calvin was embarrassed by the words of his daughter.

Maxine: “Maggie, you are right. But Dad has signed a contract with Travis. He also accepted the

payment he paid, so there is no way to go back. He already said that if he can’t fulfill his requirements,

he just needs to return the money in the end.”

“If that’s the case, then give me your card. You can’t spend a cent of the money in it. If you take it to

buy a house now, and Travis will ask you to refund the money later, how will you refund it to him?”

Maggie stretched out her hand towards her father.

Maxine took chopsticks and patted her daughter’s palm.

“Your father’s money is in your control? He has given me the card! I believe your father will not do

anything unsure. Now that he has signed the contract, he must be confident.” Maxine couldn’t hand

over the money, Will not go back.

“Maggie, don’t worry. I’ve thought about it carefully, and there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s

inconvenient for me to tell you about some of the content. It’s because I signed a non-disclosure

agreement.” Calvin soothed his daughter’s emotions, “Your mother has long been If you want to

change the house, let her go to the house! If you are free, you can go with your mother.”

“I’m not going.” Maggie bit the bread and turned away from the unpleasant topic, “My aunt didn’t give it

to me. Did you introduce someone? That person has come to Bridgedale.”

Maxine snorted: “I think that old woman is in a daze. She looks down on our family, so she introduced

you to someone who doesn’t even have a serious job. Didn’t I tell you to ignore them? You want to be a

doctor in the future, so how can you associate with such a messy man?”

“Wife, don’t be so excited. Her aunt told me that that The young man is very handsome. The young

man’s parents are also decent people and have pensions. Since Maggie has contacted them, it means

that the young man is not much worse. Falling in love is not marriage, let’s leave it alone.” Calvin was

more tolerant towards her daughter.

Some girls are well-behaved and look very obedient. Generally, such girls are passive and hav no

opinion. But Maggie was the exact opposite. She was very assertive in her work, and had been

particularly reassuring since she was a child.

“Don’t worry about me. Even if my blind date is unreliable, it’s easier to deal with than Travis.” After

Maggie finished speaking, she ate the bread, took a sip of water, put her bag on her back, and went to

the entrance to change her shoes.

“Maggie, if you go to see that blind date, don’t meet at night! It’s not safe at night! It’s better to ask your

brother to accompany you.” Calvin said to his daughter with a loud voice.


When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2174 (2024)


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