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Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence by Simple Silence. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRead When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRead the Full novel at here

Chapter 1

It was the day of Avonsville socialite Avery Tate’s wedding, but there was no groom in sight.The groom, Elliot Foster, had been in a vegetative state since a car crash half a year ago. His doctorssaid that he was not going to make it until the end of the year.In a grief-stricken act, Elliot’s mother decided to arrange a marriage for her son before he met hisuntimely end.The Fosters were one of the wealthiest

Chapter 2

Under the lights of the crystal chandelier, Elliot’s obsidian black eyes were deep magnetic, and dangerous.As always, it was a gaze that sent a chill down one’s spine.The color disappeared from Cole’s face as he stumbled a few steps back.“Avery… I mean, Aunt Avery… It’s late, so I won’t bother you and Uncle Elliot!”Cole was drenched in a cold sweat as he frantically fled the room.Avery’s heart tightened as s

Chapter 3

Avery felt restless and uneasy.“You’re still in school, right, Avery? Your studies will be affected if you get pregnant now,” said Henry’swife.Henry immediately agreed and said, “That’s right! Avery is still young. I doubt she’s willing to give up onher studies and raise a child at home!”Rosalie knew what her son and daughter-in-law were thinking. This was also the reason why she wasadamant about ensuring El

Chapter 4

“It’s hard to say. If we’re lucky, it would take three to four months. Otherwise, it might take forever,” saidthe doctor.She paused, then added, “You’re young, so I’m sure this will go smoothly.”Time flew by in an instant. An autumn shower later, fall had arrived in Avonsville.Avery emerged from the bathroom after a shower.She sat by the bed, took out the new face cream she had bought that day, and massaged

Chapter 5

Avery was so startled that she could not help but take a few steps back.Elliot was like a savage beast that had awakened from a deep slumber. There was nothing scary abouthim when he was asleep. Now that he was awake, however, there was a menacing air of dangeraround him.Mrs. Cooper walked out of the room and shut the door.She saw Avery who looked like a deer caught in headlights and said gently, “Don’t be a

Chapter 6

Measures had to be taken to save the baby because of the bleeding.The news hit Avery like a ton of bricks. She was in a panicked frenzy.“Doctor, what if I don’t want to keep the baby?”She was about to be divorced from Elliot, so now was not the time for her to be pregnant with his child.The doctor looked thoughtfully at Avery, then said, “Why don’t you want it? Do you have any idea howmany people can’t have

Chapter 7

The computer was not password protected, and it started up in no time.It was so quick that Avery’s heart skipped a couple of beats.She took a deep breath, plugged in the USB drive, then logged into her email.Once she was logged in, she quickly sent the file to her classmate.It was strange how smoothly everything went.She managed to successfully send off the file before noon.Avery did not dare linger another

Chapter 8

Rosalie stood looking into the room from the open door.Avery was curled up in a ball with her arms around her knees as she leaned against the wall.Her hair was down, and it was a mess.She looked up in a daze when she heard the commotion at the door.“Avery! What happened to you?” Rosalie exclaimed. When she saw Avery’s face, which was white as asheet of paper, her blood pressure instantly shot up.“How did you

Chapter 9

There was no sign of two gestational sacs during the last checkup.Avery could not believe that there were two babies inside of her a short week later.She held the ultrasound scan in her hands as she sat in a quiet daze on one of the benches in thehospital corridor.The doctor told her that the probability of being pregnant with twins was extremely low.If she had an abortion now, she might never be able to hav

Chapter 10

The living room instantly fell so silent that one could hear the sound of a beating heart.Avery stormed back to her room and violently slammed the door shut.The loud bang rumbled through the entire mansion.This woman dared slam a door in Elliot Foster’s house. She must not fear death.Everyone turned their gaze to evaluate Elliot’s reaction. He looked calm and composed as if he was notangry at all.Normally, i

When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence | Novel Square (2024)


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