The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes of All Time, Hands Down (2024)


The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes of All Time, Hands Down (1)

By Taryn Pire

Published Oct 6, 2020

When the weather’s cold and the nights are long, nothing soothes the soul quite like a mug of hot chocolate. But wait—are you still using the packet stuff from the supermarket? You can do better than that, promise. Here are the best hot chocolate recipes to sip this winter (mini marshmallows optional, but highly encouraged).


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1. Slow-cooker Hot Chocolate

Heavy cream, whole milk and condensed milk? It’s basically a liquid brownie. Just cook for two hours, give it a stir and sip to your heart’s content.

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2. Hot Chocolate With Salted-caramel Whipped Cream

It all starts with buttery homemade caramel sauce, which later gets whipped into fresh cream.

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3. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

If Christmas had a flavor, it’d be this sipper. You only need four ingredients, but we’re gonna make it five for the sake of adding crushed candy canes on top.

4. Slow Cooker Coconut Hot Chocolate

Full-fat coconut milk and chopped dark chocolate turn this cocoa extra rich and creamy. Take it over the top with a coconut whipped cream.

5. S’mores Hot Chocolate

Fact: There’s no such thing as too many toasted mini marshmallows.

6. Spiced Mocha Hot Chocolate

Instant coffee, cocoa and a dash of cinnamon give the bev a bitter, roasted backbone that holds its own against sweet cream and dark chocolate.

7. Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

8. French Hot Chocolate

What’s the difference, you ask? French hot chocolate is made with dark European chocolate and heavy cream, meaning it’s super thick and decadent.

9. Healthy Hot Chocolate

Thanks to coconut milk, almond milk and cocoa used in place of melted chocolate, this recipe is vegan and dairy-free.

10. Ginger Hot Chocolate

A bit of fresh-grated or ground ginger goes a long way in the flavor department.

11. White Hot Chocolate

BRB, putting on the coziest pajamas we own.

12. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

We’re no stranger to the magical combination that is PB and flaky sea salt. But peanut butter whipped cream is a delicious surprise.

13. Eggnog Mexican Hot Chocolate

The recipe calls for soy eggnog and non-dairy milk, but feel free to substitute with the regular stuff. Add more cayenne for extra spice.

14. Vanilla Mocha Hot Cocoa

Use espresso in place of instant coffee and you’ve got yourself the richest, creamiest latte ever made.

15. Easy Hot Chocolate For One

We have no qualms about eating dessert alone. We’d rather not share this single-serve masterpiece anyway.

16. Toasted Marshmallow Cream Hot Chocolate

They’re topped with torched, four-ingredient marshmallow frosting. Need we say more?

17. Favorite Hot Chocolate

The sweetness of this recipe is balanced by bitter cocoa powder, maple syrup and chopped chocolate.

18. Bourbon-spiked Hot Chocolate

Bourbon’s vanilla notes pair beautifully with semi-sweet chocolate and brown sugar.

19. Healthy Dairy-free Hot Chocolate

A five-minute recipe that only has 100 calories per serving and 12 grams of natural sugar? Call it a Christmas miracle.

20. Salted Matcha White Hot Chocolate

Matcha powder can be a little clumpy and hard to mix. Whipping the matcha and milk in a blender before putting them on the stove can help.

21. Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

Nutmeg, cayenne and cinnamon are probably already in your spice rack. But chipotle powder is totally worth adding to your arsenal, even just for this recipe.

22. Tiramisu Hot Chocolate

It’s as close to the Italian dessert as a drink can get, containing traditional ingredients like espresso, brandy and mascarpone cheese.

23. Peppermint Eggnog White Hot Cocoa

If you like your hot chocolate thick, cut back on the milk. The eggnog makes it creamy and rich all by itself.

24. Chai Hot Chocolate

If you only have chai tea at home instead of chai spice, don’t panic. Just steep the tea in the milk before making the hot chocolate.

25. Cinnamon And Tequila Hot Chocolate co*cktail

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate is, this recipe will clear things up. It’s basically drinkable ganache.

26. Black Forest Hot Chocolate

If super rich hot chocolate isn’t your thing, give this balanced recipe a go. It stars homemade tart cherry syrup.

27. Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

All it takes is a generous dose of spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Might we suggest serving it with caramel-stuffed gingerbread crinkle cookies?

28. Mermaid Frozen Hot Chocolate

Because your kids definitely don’t consider this sweet treat seasonal.


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The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes of All Time, Hands Down (29)

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The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes of All Time, Hands Down (2024)


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