The 11 Best Restaurants in Tenerife (2024)

Tenerife is a fantastic destination for many reasons, one of the most important being the great food. Across Tenerife you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants serving up traditional Canarian dishes, Spanish tapas and tons of different international cuisine. Ready to eat some delicious food? Keep reading for the 11 best restaurants in Tenerife to visit on your vacation!

The Best Restaurants in Tenerife

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Restaurants in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje, in addition to being the area where most of the island’s resorts are concentrated, is also a great part of the island for restaurants and good food.

There are tons of options, but, of course, many are very touristy with mediocre food. Surprisingly to me, there were also a ton of “English” pubs. I would imagine this is due to the fact that Tenerife is a very popular destination for English tourists.

Ilili Restaurant

If you enjoy Middle Eastern food, Ilili Restaurant is a great option. They serve a variety of Lebanese small plates and absolutely everything we had was delicious.

There are a wide variety of vegetarian options and two of my favorites are the falafel and hummus.

The interior of the restaurant is also lovely and this makes a great place for a nice meal after a day exploring Playa de las Americas.

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El Tejado

El Tejado is the best tapas restaurant in Tenerife, hands down. Every single thing we ordered was delicious, but I especially recommend the Canarian Potatoes, croquettes, fried cheese and I’ve also heard amazing things about the paella. El Tejado also has a great selection of vegetarian options.

The restaurant has outdoor seating and the patio area is lovely on a nice night. The service was also fast and friendly and the owner was walking around talking to guests. Overall, the restaurant is affordable and certainly a must visit in Tenerife!

El Horno De Neptuno

Delicious tapas and beautiful views are on the menu at El Horno de Neptuno! This rooftop restaurant serves up a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas – including many vegetarian options. They also have a great co*cktail menu with good drinks.

A few of my favorite tapas on the menu include the goat cheese, the patatas bravas, the croquettes and the Spanish omelet.

I recommend going at sunset for incredible views over Playa de la Pinta. Be sure to make a reservation as they get very busy. This is such a fun place to enjoy a great meal and co*cktail or sangria.

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Banh Noï Thaï Viet Food

Had your fill of Spanish tapas and ready to try some awesome Thai and Vietnamese food? Banh Noï Thaï Viet Food serves delicious dishes in a quaint outdoor space. They don’t take reservations, and there will likely be a line, but it’s worth the wait.

I recommend the gyoza, pad thai and Viet bowl. On the menu there are a good selection of vegetarian items and everything tasted fresh and homemade.

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Restaurants in La Caleta


Bloom is one of my favorite brunch places, both in Tenerife and just in general. Located in the adorable town of La Caleta, this restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating.

The menu has tons of great options and there are also great coffee drinks and kombucha. I really enjoyed both the shakshuka and the avocado toast, but every dish looked fantastic. There are great options for vegetarians as much of the menu is plant based.

Bloom is open until midnight and they also serve lunch and bar snacks, as well as great co*cktails.

Lagarto Brasserie

Everything from the decor, to the service to the food at Lagarto Brasserie is wonderful. The menu has a variety of options, from full tasting menus to vegetarian dishes. Everything we had was delicious.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating and overall, it’s a fantastic dining experience. On the menu I really enjoyed the pumpkin risotto, the chicken mustard vol-au-vent and don’t forget to try one of their awesome co*cktails or mocktails.

Largato Brasserie gets busy, so be sure to make a reservation.

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Mirlo offers diners delicious dishes and wonderful views of the water. The menu has a great selection of drinks and food and there are also a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

I really enjoyed the Canarian cheese platter, the gazpacho, the canarian potatoes, the wok noodles and the co*cktails (and mocktails!)

I recommend making a reservation in advance, especially if you’re planning to go around sunset.

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Restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz

El Limón

Ell Limón is a fully vegetarian restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz. While it’s obviously ideal for vegetarians, many non-vegetarians also rave about the dishes. Specifically, they’re known for their healthy, but delicious, options.

The style of the restaurant is vintage and homey and there are great sandwiches, soups and salads to choose from on the menu. They also have excellent juices and affordable prices!

Definitely check this place out for lunch or dinner!

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Restaurants in Garachico

El Rebojo de Garachico

El Rebojo de Garachico serves up elevated and artistic Canarian food. Although this restaurant isn’t overly formal, on the menu you’ll find gourmet dishes that are great for a special occasion lunch or dinner.

Expect to spend at least a couple hours here enjoying the drinks and food. Most of the plates are served tapas style and the menu is regularly changing as more creative dishes are added.

While there are some vegetarian dishes on the menu, there aren’t a huge selection of options.

I recommend making a reservation, especially for dinner during the high season.

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Restaurants in Santa Cruz


If you’re looking for a great spot for breakfast, brunch or to enjoy a coffee and a pastry, Makika&Co is an excellent option.

The restaurant is a patio/garden style and it’s such a nice place to spend some time enjoying a coffee (or hot chocolate!) and a light meal. Make sure to save room for pastries, as for me, these were really the star of the show.

This cafe is quite popular, so there may be a wait for a table, but it’s worth it.

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Restaurants in Los Gigantes

Bistro 22

Bistro 22 has both incredible views and great food. This restaurant has outdoor patio seating where you’ll be able to enjoy a meal with stunning views of Los Gigantes cliffs.

In addition to the great views, Cafe Bistro 22 also has the best pasta on the island. It’s definitely some of the best pasta I’ve had outside of Italy. If you’re not in the mood for pasta, the pizza is also delicious.

This is certainly somewhere you’ll want to keep coming back to.

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Other Notable Restaurants in Tenerife

  • Marboré
    • For an inexpensive breakfast or snack. They have a great selection of cakes!
  • Casa Santiago in Angara Natural Park
    • I need to preface this by saying that I didn’t personally enjoy the food here (besides the papas canarias), but this is likely due to the fact that I’m a vegetarian and the menu is more meat focused. However, the views are the best I’ve ever seen from a restaurant on any of my travels and I 100% recommend this restaurant specifically for the stunning views.
  • La Farola del Mar
    • One of the most popular restaurants in Costa Adeje. Great ocean views.
  • El Gomero
    • Traditional Canarian/Spanish cuisine in Costa Adeje.

Must Try Canarian Dishes

  • Papas Arrugadas
    • Small potatoes boiled in salt water and served with a delicious sauce
  • Ropa Vieja
    • Ropa Vieja is a traditional dish across much of the Caribbean and Latin America, however the Canarian version is a little different. This stew with meat and vegetables typically also has garbanzo beans and potatoes.
  • Mojo
    • A delicious sauce that comes in many variations (usually a green or red sauce), and is served with various dishes – like papas arrugadas!
  • Garbanzada a lo Canario
    • Chickpea stew with pork
  • Fresh fish dishes
  • Goat cheese
    • Tenerife has delicious fresh, local cheeses and goat cheese is among the most popular.

Food Tours and Activities in Tenerife

While in Tenerife, there are a variety of great food (and wine!) tours to take part in. These tours will allow you to sample local food and drinks and to learn more about the food and culture in the Canary Islands.

I’m a huge fan of food tours and love to go on them as often as possible when traveling!

Q&A: The Best Restaurants in Tenerife

  • What is the most popular food in Tenerife?
    • Papas arrugadas, small potatoes boiled in salt water, are definitely one of the most famous and popular dishes in Tenerife. These potatoes, which are similar to patatas bravas, are served with a delicious mojo sauce.
  • Is Tenerife good for food?
    • Yes! Farmers in Tenerife grow a large amount of produce and also raise farm animals, so much of the food served on the island is fresh and local.
  • Do you tip waiters in Tenerife?
    • Tipping is common in Tenerife, but not mandatory. A 5-10% tip is standard, depending on the service and establishment.
  • Is it safe to drink tap water in Tenerife?
    • Yes, it’s safe to drink. However, many people prefer tap water for taste.
  • What fruit is Tenerife famous for?
    • Bananas! Bananas are the main, and most important, crop in Tenerife.

Time to enjoy all of the best restaurants in Tenerife! If you have any questions or any other delicious restaurants to add to the list, let me know in the comments.

Canarian food and Spanish food are both delicious, so you’re in for a treat in Tenerife!

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The 11 Best Restaurants in Tenerife (2024)


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