The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (2024)

Tenerife is not only famous for its golden beaches and exclusive co*cktail parties. The gourmet scene on the island is blossoming with new openings of fancy and quirky restaurants with excellent traditional and fusion cuisines. Here’s a guide to the 10 best restaurants in Tenerife for you to explore during your stay on this exotic island.

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (1)

1. Tasca Tierras del Sur

Restaurant, Spanish, Mediterranean, Seafood

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (2)

Located in the little town of Granadilla, Tasca Tierras del Sur offers excellent food and a carefully selected wine list. The chefs always choose fresh and organic ingredients for their meals, while incorporating local produce like goats cheese, sweet sausage or gofio. The typical menu of Tasca Tierras del Sur will suggest you try their salmorejo rabbit, juicy cod with chickpeas, or savory ox and chestnut stew. To accompany the food, a great selection of wines from the Iberian Peninsula, Ribera del Duero and Rioja are available by the glass or the bottle. The ambiance of this place is warm and welcoming, thanks to its retro interior with wooden furniture and floors and colorful lights, which is ideal for a romantic dinner.

2. Tapaste Restaurant

Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian

The ideology behind Tapaste Restaurant is the great love of Tenerife’s natural resources and fresh vegetable and fruit production. The concept of Tapaste is presenting healthy, artisan, vegetarian food. Only natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives, are used in the process of cooking. The recipes are created to minimize the use of fatty oils, and olive oil and vegetable oil are used to create a healthy meal. Tapaste combines their food with artisan sauces and dressings.

3. Restaurant Lucas Maes

Restaurant, Mediterranean

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (3)

The fabulous restaurant of chef Lucas Maes is located close to Puerto de la Cruz, however, it is hidden between the big leaves of various tropical greenery, and is often overlooked by tourists. Lucas Maes has developed an approach towards reinventing traditional Canarian dishes with innovative improvements in flavors and serving. The lovely open-air terrace in Lucas Maes Restaurant offers amazing views of the nearby fruit plantations and the ocean. Lucas Maes is worth visiting in the afternoon when you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while trying some of the unique meals such as scallops soaked in champagne and smoked salmon with honey and caper dressing. The chef also suggests the dégustation menu that changes according to the season.

4. La Cueva Caprichosa

Restaurant, Spanish

Located far away from city’s bustle, La Cueva Caprichosa is a unique restaurant set in one of the caves under the Anaga Mountains. The restaurant is a favorite restaurant for many hikers and sports activists, however, tourists also stop by to sample the good quality food. The cuisine at La Cuerva is typical Canarian fare, and some of the best dishes are fried goat or rabbit, both served in tender sauce and filled with stew.

5. Kabuki Abama Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (4)

Kabuki Restaurant presents an exotic Asian atmosphere in tropical Tenerife. It is one of only two Michelin star restaurants open to customers who do not stay at the Abama Resort. Kabuki’s interior is decorated in a warm but minimalist style with red and black colors. Chef Ricardo Sanz combines the best features of European and Japanese cuisine to develop exquisite dishes such as fried aubergine with miso sauce and sesame seeds. He is a renowned master who always carefully picks his ingredients, showing his passion and commitment to his job. His various creations of sushi and sashimi are presented with wonderful decorations.

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (5)

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6. Antico Caffè

Restaurant, Italian

Antico Caffè is a small yet elegant Italian restaurant located near the ocean. It is frequented by locals and curious tourists, who spend many hours here observing the evening city life and listening to the calming sounds of the ocean waves from the large open terrace. Members of staff are extremely professional and will ensure that you receive excellent service while you sample fabulous Italian food.

7. Imperial Tai-Pan

Restaurant, Chinese, Asian

Imperial Tai-Pan is an authentic Asian restaurant and features an intimate setting with an indoor dining area and open patio, ideal for hot summer nights. It specializes in presenting a mix of Japanese and Chinese food with a contemporary interpretation. Chef Tiak Boh NG has established his own unique techniques and often prepares food according to his personal recipes and preferences. Some of the best dishes include Cantonese style steamed sea bass, crispy egg noodles, chow mein, tuna, and lime ceviche and the chef’s signature torched maki with king prawns and asparagus.

8. El Cine Bar

Restaurant, Bar, Spanish, Mediterranean, Seafood

The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (7)

Placed on a tiny street in Los Cristianos, Bar El Cine is the king among fish restaurants and its history is rooted in the fishing traditions of Los Cristianos. The interior of El Cine does not foretell the exquisite lunch experience, as the tables and chairs are plastic. However, people queue for hours to get inside. El Cine’s specialty are the papas arrugadas (or wrinkled potatoes), octopus and local fish varieties.

9. Otelo Restaurant

Restaurant, Spanish

Otelo is a traditional Canarian restaurant with excellent food, overlooking the majestic cliffs of Barranco Del Infierno, one of the most picturesque and popular walking trails on the island. Otelo Restaurant is worth visiting for the savory signature dishes served, such as pollo al ajilloor crispy soft chicken pieces stuffed with garlic, and salmorejo with rabbit. Otelo Restaurant provides unique Canarian flavors in each dish.

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The 10 Best Restaurants In Tenerife Canary Islands (2024)


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