Clogs for Men: 15 Cool Options to Choose From (2023) % % (2024)

If you’re a guy looking for a pair of clogs, this list will help you choose a pair that fits your needs.

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Clogs for Men: 15 Cool Options to Choose From (2023) % % (1)

From the wooden shoes of Dutch workers to the practical footwear of medical and restaurant professionals, clogs weren’t immediately a style essential.

This is especially true when it comes to clogs for guys. Still, practical men and women have always enjoyed their functionality and comfort.

Today, these easy slip-ons are go-to’s for effortless style. There are men’s leather clogs, traditional rubber clogs, and even fashion-forward versions by major designers.

I think it’s great that something so good for your feet has gotten fashionable. It’s kind of like a vegetable becoming trendy (i.e., kale in the 2010s).

Quick Take

Here are our top three recommendations from the list:

Our Pick

Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed


The Birkenstock Boston’s silhouette, cork footbed, and belt-buckle top-line is recognizable from a mile away. Their signature footbed makes them very comfortable.

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Budget Pick

L. L. Bean Comfort Moc


The L.L. Bean Comfort Moc is part clog and part moc with super soft and comfortable interior. It’s a casual shoe, as most clogs are, but the moc gene-mixing provides a more streamlined style

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Read on for more info and the complete list…

15 Best Clogs for Guys

We’ve got a fun edit here of 15 cool clogs for men, with all price points and personal styles represented!

Birkenstock Boston

Arguably one of the quintessential clog-style shoes, the Birkenstock Boston’s silhouette, cork footbed, and belt-buckle top-line is recognizable from a mile away.

Function followed form with the Bostons, as its initial popularity came about because of how comfortable they are. After all, Birkenstock invented their signature footbed.

Eventually, the aesthetic became well-loved enough to garner copycats and a whole line of different styles. The suede version is a standard of sorts, though you can also get shearling-lined versions and leathers at different levels of oiling, all at a range of colorways.

Koio Fuori

Rugged meets luxurious with the Koio Fuoris. It has a low, sleek profile as far as clogs go. The unlooped brass-buckle belt and the midsole’s rough marbling, however, add an adventurous Indiana Jones vibe.

Clogs for Men: 15 Cool Options to Choose From (2023) % % (5)

On the construction front, these guys are hand-made in Marche, Italy, where luxury brands manufacture their leather goods.

The Italian suede upper and Italian leather lining are LWG-certified for minimal environmental impact. Even the toothed rubber outsole is natural and recycled.

Duckfeet Blavand

The Blavands from Duckfeet are unique clog shoes in that they’re simple, with few details, yet they’re super distinct as well. They’re a great example of a versatile essential that isn’t boring.

The upper is an eco-conscious leather, which is also water repellent and breathable and comes in a few colors, including shades of brown, red, and blue.

Another standout feature? While crepe rubber is usually used as a brawny heeled sole for boots, Duckfeet utilizes it as a thin, low-heeled shoe bottom. While this isn’t 100% practical since crepe wears out reasonably quickly, the texture adds slight detailing to an otherwise minimalist shoe.

Troentorp Da Vinci

Closer to their Dutch wooden ancestors, the Troentorp Da Vincis are built with an alderwood foundation, which is actually exceptionally soft and pliable.

The footbed is also anatomically structured to offer arch support and moisture-absorbance, so it’s a lot more comfortable than it looks.

The leather upper is adorned with a buckle-less belt, providing the shape of a traditional clog with a modern twist. However, the visible nails are stylish touches that harken back to the shoe’s tradition in industry.

Sabah Baba

It’s rare for a no-frills shoe to have that perpetually-on-trend look about it. The Sabah Baba is timelessly simple, with a body-con silhouette and a thin, barely-there sole, combined with a dramatically cut collar.

It’s likely because it looks so straightforward from the front and so style-forward from the side.

The standard black and brown leathers, which will patinate beautifully, are chic and fashionable without begging for too much attention. However, you can also get the Babas in bright red, pink, fur-lined for the winter, and even in leopard if that’s your speed.

Dansko XP 2.0

Whether you go for the breathable and long-lasting black nubuck version or the pliable oiled brown one, the Dansko XP 2.0 is a super practical clog.

It’s perfect for professionals or for those of you who just like being comfortable and keeping your feet intact.

It’s ergonomically designed, with a fatigue-reducing EVA midsole that also keeps you stable and absorbs shock.

The dual-density footbed and padded instep provide sophisticated comfort for every part of your foot. And with the slip-resistant outsole, these are literally the kinds of shoes you can wear every single day, in any weather.

Haflinger Leather Trim Grizzly

Haflinger offers a lot of really cool clog-styles shoes, but the Trim Grizzly is especially on-brand.

A veritable feast of textures, the wool felt upper and raw cork outsole have that organic aesthetic you’d expect from an eco-driven brand like Halfinger. They use natural fibers, and even the footbed is wool-covered.

The Trim Grizzly is definitely one of the cozier clogs on the market. There’s also a lightweight rubber traction attachment to the bottom of the sole for added grip.

If you want to take the earthy, outdoorsy look to the next level, the Classic Grizzly is adorned with exquisite Native American-inspired decorative stitching.

Hunter Gardener Clogs

Hunter knows how to take a bulky utilitarian shoe and crack it into shape with some clean, sleek lines. Most impressively, they do this without compromising its function. Their Gardener Clogs are one such example.

It basically looks like a Hunter boot, built with rubber and lined with thermal-stable neoprene, cut carefully into a clog.

The interior comes out to the collar to provide a top accent, while an olive accent lines the bottom of the upper where it meets the famously grippy outsole. Add a well-defined heel, and you’ve got the most sophisticated silhouette to ever grace a gardening clog.

Keen Men’s PTC Slip-On II

Of course, function-forward Keen serves up a multi-terrain clog in the form of the PTC Slip-On II. The leather upper is effectively water resistant and mercifully easy to clean.

Additionally, the outsole is super slip-resistant and partners with the memory foam footbed to make sure your feet are comfortable on most surfaces. Memory foam also accommodates your specific foot shape, which adds a nice personalization factor out of the box.

Style-wise, this shoe is pretty no-frills, but it isn’t as bulky as most professional clogs. It also has some cool details, like the Vans-like separation between the front and back pieces and the sole tread that goes up to the toe to create a fun “grill” look.

L.L. Bean Comfort Moc

The L.L. Bean Comfort Moc is part clog and part moc, part classic dad style, and part off-duty New Englander.

The upper is a ruggedly pebbled full-grain leather (accented with an aesthetic-appropriate exposed seam), while the interior is super soft and comfortable. There’s even an EVA-cushioned midsole inspired by athletic shoe constructions.

It’s definitely a casual shoe, as most clogs are, but the moc gene-mixing provides a more streamlined style that would go well, or at least inconspicuously, with a nice pair of dark jeans.

Baabuk Mel

Baabuk goes all in on the cozy organic aesthetic with the Mel shoe. This unisex shoe sports that structured, unstructured look, 60% house slipper, and 40% low-impact out-in-the-world clog.

The outsole is made of natural latex crepe rubber, meaning it can handle more than just your carpets and hardwood floors — but not too much more.

It’s handmade from natural wool, meaning each shoe is just a little different than the other, and comes in several fun colors, including gray, bordeaux, and duck blue. It goes without saying that these guys are outrageously comfortable.

Stegmann Wool Clogs

Stegmann is another excellent eco-driven brand, and their podiatrist-recommended Wool Clogs also offer that highly-napped raw style.

While they certainly aren’t dressy, these shoes are a bit more formal than our other sustainability-focused wool options. They’re slightly lower profile and come in dark colors like navy, black, and charcoal.

On the function side, they offer arch and metatarsal support, a spacious toe box, and are odor resistant. They also have a slightly treaded rubber outsole for a bit of grip.

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Slipper

The North Face ThermoBall Traction Slipper is as practical, comfortable, and sporty-looking as any of their outerwear and backpacks. It even has the poofy grid style that you see on hunting vests.

The water-resistant ripstop upper is extra durable, while the rubber tread is exceptionally high-traction. Plus, the inside is fully insulated, making it a great year-rounder.

On the style front, this shoe comes in great colorways, like blue with yellow accents, neutrals, a golden rod shade called “Summit Gold,” and a coral-like orange.

Officine Creative Black Agora

Moving on to luxury territory, Italian shoe brand, Officine Creative, takes a high-fashion approach to the Black Agora.

Still, the fact that it’s so premium-looking and elegantly simple in the front makes this handcrafted footwear an un-intimidating choice (price aside) for those with more traditional tastes.

Head on, it mostly looks like a nice leather shoe with beautiful strap detailing at the vamp. From the rear, though, you can see the backless casualness and the dramatic teeth of the outsole.

Gucci Horsebit

For the robe-and-martini set, the Gucci Horsebit takes their iconic loafer’s signature detailing and places it squarely in the middle of a casual leather slip-on.

This model is unique because Gucci doesn’t even attempt to add a point or square to the toe and doesn’t even slim the lines too much.

It’s literally a clog-shaped casual sandal made of the highest-end materials, topped off with a horse bit. This shoe is an effective way to add a fancy accent to your casual wear or resort wear. It could even be incorporated into a luxury streetwear look.

FAQs About Men’s Clogs

Here are some answers to common questions about this divisive footwear category:

Which Brand Is Best for Clogs?

All of the shoes in this edit are excellent clog options for men. The Birkenstock Bostons are a great balance of comfort and style, while the Keen and Dansko are super functional. Officine Creative and Gucci are obviously two stylistically different luxury options.

How Should Men Wear Clogs?

Basic clogs are casual shoes, often worn with straight-fit pants that go down to the ankle. Since they’re work shoes, they pair sensibly with jeans or work pants. Given how fashionable clogs are these days, there are some upscale versions that can be styled in a less workwear way.

Are Men’s Clogs Comfortable?

Yes. Different models of clogs have different kinds of comfort structuring built into them, and the whole point of these shoes is that they’re comfortable and functional.

From Comfort Shoe to Easy Style Essential

The clog has come a long way from its function-only roots. Keep in mind that they aren’t the first utilitarian thing to make the journey into the style essentials genre. They’re just one of the newer inductees.

If dive watches and trench coats are of any indication, though, they’re likely on their way to classic territory too.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

Clogs for Men: 15 Cool Options to Choose From (2023) % % (2024)


Clogs for Men: 15 Cool Options to Choose From (2023) % %? ›

2023 is all about the rebirth of past trends, and clogs have been making a comeback in a big way. The Dutch wooden shoe became popular in the '70s, especially when the megastar pop group ABBA embraced the style, making clogs favorites of both men and women.

Are clogs still in style 2023? ›

2023 is all about the rebirth of past trends, and clogs have been making a comeback in a big way. The Dutch wooden shoe became popular in the '70s, especially when the megastar pop group ABBA embraced the style, making clogs favorites of both men and women.

Which clogs are the most comfortable? ›

A classic shoe for nurses, chefs and other people who spend long hours on their feet, Dansko clogs offer arch support and a padded instep collar for all-day comfort. These come in over 30 colors in women's sizes 5-13.

Are clogs in style for men? ›

Yes, Men's Birkenstock Clogs Are Still A Thing - Style Girlfriend.

Which material is best for clogs? ›

Crocs are made from a proprietary closed-cell resin material called Croslite, which is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This material is also lightweight and flexible, which can make the shoes more comfortable for extended wear.

What is the shoe trend for 2023? ›

In 2023, footwear designs ranging from sporty sneakers to fashion boots unabashedly embraced play, as evidenced in cartoonish colorways and influencer-favorite silhouettes like the MSCHF Bulbous, inspired by Astro Boy.

Do you wear socks with clogs? ›

Socks, paired with clogs, can do so much more than keep your feet warm. We love wearing clogs with socks for many reasons. Socks can elevate your overall look, increase your comfort in your clogs, and even make them easier to walk in.

Should you size up or down in clogs? ›


Flex Base (30mm flexible base) - generally true to size, wider feet may want to size up. Low (30-50mm heel) - runs regular-wide in fit, narrower feet may want to size down. Mini (45mm heel) - generally true to size, wider feet may want to size up. Mid (70mm heel) - runs a little smaller/narrower.

What are the disadvantages of clogs? ›

The rigid toe spring built into most clogs holds or immobilizes your toes in an unnatural, extended position, which contributes to foot tendon imbalances and tight toe extensor muscles over time. Tight toe extensor muscles and tendons can cause various toe deformities, a problem collectively known as crooked toes.

Are clogs good or bad for your feet? ›

No, crocs (clogs) are not bad for the feet. While some people may have an issue with their feet due to long-term wear of any shoe, there is no scientific evidence that wearing clogs specifically has a negative effect on feet. In fact, many studies have found that crocs offer several benefits for foot health.

What do you wear with clogs? ›

For fall or mild winter days, try pairing your clogs with a shacket, layered to your preference, with a slim straight leg jean for a weekend look that is cool but comfortable. This style could easily be converted for winter by adding a wool overcoat and chunky socks.

Are clogs hard to walk in? ›

Clogs can be a little clunky, so it's best to start with short steps until you get used to the feel of the shoe. Use your toes to grip the shoe. Clogs don't have a heel, so your toes will need to do some work to keep the shoe on your foot. Make sure to use your toes to grip the front of the shoe as you walk.

What are brands for clogs? ›

  • Crocs.
  • Birkenstock.
  • World of Clogs.
  • Other Brands A-Z.

How do you make clogs look good? ›

For a casual clogs outfit that's still polished and sophisticated, we recommend wearing wide-leg or relaxed-fit jeans with a button-down shirt and low-heel clogs in neutral leather or suede. This approach to wearing clogs is an easy way to elevate a basic blue jeans look.

How should clogs fit your feet? ›

Your heel should be able to lift freely, without the shoe slipping off your foot. If your heel is cemented to the insole, the shoe fits too tight and doesn't have enough room for flexibility. The clog should feel supportive and snug around the instep of your foot, but not tight.

Does anyone wear clogs anymore? ›

Even today they remain popular with farmers and agricultural workers in some rural areas of Holland, although you're unlikely to see city folk wearing them except for gardening. Historically, clogs were primarily worn by working people and the poor who couldn't afford leather footwear.

Are clogs going out of style? ›

As one of the most popular shoe trends the past couple of years, clogs are back in the spotlight with even more style variety than ever before.

How to style clogs 2023? ›

Easy and Effortless

Putting together a stylish look featuring your favorite pair of clogs doesn't have to take a ton of time. Simply throw on your favorite floor-length frock, layer it under a chunky sweater, and slip on the clogs.

Are clogs and mules in style 2023? ›

Shoe trends to shop for fall 2023: Mules, clogs, ankle boots and more - Reviewed.


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