Chapter 1401 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)

"The body was dragged away. There are so many guests today, I'm afraid that the guests will see bad luck." The bodyguard replied.

Pang Li was speechless.

Not long after, the ambulance arrived, and Jin Carrier was rushed into the ambulance.

Pang Li went to the hospital with the car, while Fu sh*ting stayed to see the guests and accompany Jin Rong'er.

A party that was going to be good ended because of the attack on Kim Carrieri.

After Fu sh*ting sent the guests away, he planned to send Jin Rong'er home.

"My father will be fine, right? I heard that a woman disguised as a waiter came in?" Jin Rong'er frowned, worried.

"Your father's life should not be in danger. The dagger is not inserted into the heart." Fu sh*ting opened the car door and let her get in the car.

"Shi Ting, I want to go to the hospital to accompany my father." Jin Rong'er felt uneasy.

It happened so suddenly.

Her father was hospitalized not long ago for a wrestling, and her health was not good. Now she was assassinated. She was afraid that her father would not survive and die suddenly.

"You're going to the hospital now, and you can't do anything. Go home first, and then go there when your father wakes up."

"Okay." After Jin Rong'er got into the car, he saw a few people standing at the door of the hotel through the car window, so he said to Fu sh*ting, "Are they waiting for you? I'll just go back by myself, you stay with them. !"

After Jin Rong'er left, Fu sh*ting strode to the door of the hotel.

"Second brother, fourth brother, go back first!"

"Why did you save that woman?" The second brother was puzzled. "I really don't understand you and the third child. You two are poisonous."

Fu sh*ting did not kill Zhuang Xu's girlfriend.

He hid the woman in Fei Tianqi's car and planned to let Fei Tianqi take her in for a while.

When Jin Kaili is dead, send her out of here.

Fei Tianqi shrugged: "Qin An'an promised to treat me free of charge when I was sick. Shi Ting promised me that if I had difficulties in the future, I would do my best to help me. I will help them both a little now, and they will reward me even more. Yes, I think I earned it. What you earn is money, and what I earn is what they both owe me."

The second and fourth scoffed.

"Third brother, take her back first! Find a doctor to show her." Fu sh*ting said to Fei Tianqi, "I'm going to the hospital to see Jin Carrier."

"Okay. Actually, I promised to help you, mainly because I was shocked by this woman's courage. She dared to assassinate Jin Carrier by herself. It's too awesome! If Jin Carrier died tonight, it would be funny! "Fei Tianqi sighed.

"Not in the right place."

"Listen to your tone, why is it a pity?" Fei Tianqi laughed, "Even if Jin Kaili doesn't die tonight, his vitality will be severely damaged. Go to the hospital and have a look! If you have any news, let us know at any time."

Fu sh*ting nodded, sent them away one by one, and then went to the hospital.

country B.

After Qin Anan was discharged from the hospital, he first came to Professor Hu Qing's house to visit Yinyin.

Yinyin has gained some weight since the surgery, but she is still thinner overall.

She could get out of bed and move around, but she would get very tired after walking for a while and had to stop and rest.

"Yinyin, you're recovering really well. If Aunt Hong sees you, she'll be very happy."

Yinyin's eyes flashed a little bit of stars, and she said expectantly, "I miss Aunt Hong so much. I wanted to call her, but I wanted to go to her directly after returning to China and give her a surprise."

"Well, we'll go home tomorrow."

"I've packed my luggage!" Yinyin showed Qin Anan the luggage she had packed, "An'an, my brother... Fu sh*ting... When will he be back?"

"I also want to know when he will come back." Qin Anan had an idea in his mind, "Do you want to see him?"

Yin Yin pursed his lips and nodded.

"Then let's make a video call for him! Let's see if he answers." Qin Anan took out his mobile phone, found Fu sh*ting's number, and dialed the video call.

Chapter 1401 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)


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